Steps to Take Towards a Healthier You

It may be difficult for some to believe, but the whole world is confronting an obesity crisis, and Canada is no exception. Statistics Canada released a report in 2015 containing data of self-reported overweight and obese adults in the country.
- According to the data, 20.2% of Canadians aged 18+ reported being obese.
- Men who reported being overweight ranked at a 40% rate, while the rate of overweight women was 27.5%.
Is it cause for concern?
If the rate of overweight and obese men and women continues to jump year on year as it has so far – the proportion of obese adults in Canada has doubled since 1980, while the proportion of obese children has seen a three-fold increase – then yes, we have cause for concern

Nutritional education is the first thing that helps people overcome obesity and being overweight.
These days, there are many online databases and forums that provide useful dietary advice and information on nutritional health.
But there is one thing more important than any others when setting out to fight obesity: visiting a doctor who specializes in obesity medicine. This is the first step. 
Why it’s important to check with a doctor first
Overweight and obesity are delicate subjects and there have been people who reported humiliating experiences, having felt that doctors treated them differently from normal weight people. It does unfortunately happen sometimes, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from seeking adequate and professional counseling.
While people who simply want to lose a few extra pounds could do very well without any medical support, it’s more complicated in cases of obesity. We are already at a level that involves a number of health risks and proper advice is required to lose weight healthy, but also to maintain weight loss.

How to approach losing weight
It may be challenging to find that determination within you to help you set up a plan and stick to it. But it’s not impossible.
What often happens is that, once we develop a tendency to overeat, we grow accustomed to binge eating, and so our body and our mind have to work together towards changing both eating habits and the way we approach eating. Shop Canada Supermarkets Weekly Flyers to find great deals on fresh produce, fresh meats, seafood, and more.
Losing weight is as much about excess body fat and eating disorders as it is about addressing emotional eating or the root cause of obesity. Sometimes it’s all psychological factors, but obesity can be genetic or it can be related to medical problems as well.
Whichever the cause, the only healthy way to approach losing weight is making a commitment to change your lifestyle. This involves eating habits, being physically active and allowing mistakes. There will be moments when your diet is going to be on point for a long period of time only to find yourself falling off the track, and that’s OK. So long as you maintain your motivation you’ll find it easy to get back on track.

Foods to consume the most for weight loss:
Whole grains;
Fresh, natural juices;
Lean meat;

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